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Private Taxi Tours in Greece

Taxi Hellas, with its rich experience all over Greece, is in a position to offer multiple day tours by taxi. There is no better way to see the wonders of the Greek mainland than by private tour. You choose the pace, where you would like to visit and we supply the car, the driver and the knowledge.

Your Route for a Private Taxi Tour

Do you already have an idea of where you would like to visit in Greece? If so, we can help you with the route and make some suggestions for along the way. If you have no preferences then we will be happy to advise you on how best to see Greece on tour depending on your interests.
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What are the Benefits of a Taxi Tour in Greece?

Custom-made tours can be so different and varied depending on your starting point and interests. It's a tricky business trying to find a ready made tour that fits your needs exactly so tailor-made tours are the best way to see all the places that you personally would like to visit.

An organised tour means that you would be travelling in a larger vehicle with others and the itinerary is already set. That means stopping only when there is a stop programmed into the itinerary. The difference with a private taxi tour is that you can stop whenever you like, for how long you like. Say for example you see an interesting site on route, there is no reason for you not to stop and explore it. Your driver may also come up with some ideas while you are on the road for some hidden treasures off the beaten track. You also get to ask the driver questions, our drivers are well read on the places that you will visit and will act as unofficial tour guides for you. During your trip it is possible to liaise with your driver at any time and change the itinerary for your tour.

Flexibility is something that we consider very important and there is no better way to see Greece than be taken to the places that you would like to see with a knowledgeable, reliable driver!


Getting in touch with us is a good start. Let us know your thoughts, if you have specific places that you would like to visit in Greece mention them to us. We will come up with an itinerary for you and a price that is inclusive of all transport costs. Once you have decided on the route then, on receipt of your deposit, we will send you a confirmation with your itinerary. Then it is up to you to look at accommodation. We will be happy to give you some ideas but you decide and make the reservations. You will also need to book a single room for your driver.

We have detailed a particulary popular tour for visitors to the Peloponnese below, just as an example. The whole of Greece is at your beckoned call.

Around The Peloponesse

The treasures of the Peloponnese peninsula are endless. Steeped in history, surrounded by sea with a backbone of mountains straight down the middle, the Peloponnes has something for everyone and lots and lots to see. Visit the Ancient site of Mycenae , the Isthmo of Korintho, Ancient Corinthos, the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros, Nafplion, Byzantine Mystra, Ancient Olympia, Monemvasia and that's just the basics.

This private tour of the Peloponnese can be any number of days to suit you. From 3 days to an infinite number, there is always more to see.

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