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Popular Day Excursions

Staying for a few days in Nafplio or Tolo? Taxi Hellas is pleased to offer some ready made tours of the local area. We have detailed some ideas below, all of which we can tailor to the time that you have allowed in Nafplion.

Day Excursions from Nafplion

These are just an idea of some of our popular one day excursions from Nafplion or Tolo. Please see our Places of Interest page for more destinations in the Peloponnese and further afield. Here it is possible to combine destinations for a full day trip, or refine an excursion to your liking. Booking an excursion Taxi Hellas means that the day you have ahead of you is totally flexible, you tell us where you would like to spend more or less time and we can advise you on the way.

Shore Excursions for cruise ship passengers visiting Nafplion

Are you stopping off in Nafplion for just a few hours? Maybe you are on a cruise and you will have some free time in Nafplion? If you are worried about time, at no time are you further away from Nafplion than 45 minutes so there is no danger of you missing your departure if you have restricted time in Nafplio.

Golden Argolida

Visit the treasures of the Argolida and Korinthia. Visit the Ancient site of Mycenae , pass by the Isthmo of Korintho, the archaelogical site of Ancient Corinthos. Travel to the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros and then return to Nafplion for a short tour and photos at the Palamidi Castle if time allows.

Travel to the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros and then return to Nafplion for a short tour and photos at the Palamidi Castle if time allows.

  • Archaeological site of Mycenae
  • Corinth Canal
  • Ancient Corinth
  • Ancient Theatre of Epidavros

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Whistlestop Argolida

Classic Tour of the world famous sites of Ancient Mycenae and the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros - both a must when visiting our area, followed by a tour of the places of interest in Nafplion plus a visit to the famous Palamidi Castle towering above the city...

  • Ancient Mycenae
  • Ancient Theatre of Epidavros
  • Palamidi Fort
  • Acronauplia Castle

Argolida With a Difference

Visit the Ancient Sites of Mycenae, Epidavros Theatre and return to Nafplion to visit the Museum and production facility of a local family run Ouzo Distillery, where you will partake in a tour of the premises and a tasting of Ouzo, Tsipouro and the liqueurs made here.

  • Ancient Mycenae
  • Ancient Theatre of Epidavros
  • Ouzo Museum & Distillery

Epidavros & Natural History

Visit the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros, visit a restored working mill where one can see flour made and make your own bread and cookies. On the return journey stop at the Natural History Museum at Ligourio which is full of treasures that have been uncovered in the local area. See amazing crystals, rock formations, tools and handmade crystal jewellery.

  • Ancient Theatre of Epidavros
  • Traditional Mill
  • Natural History Museum in Ligourio

Corinthia With the Hiccups

Visit the Ancient site of Nemea and its wonderfully preserved running track and temple of Zeus and take a trip to the privately owned museum. Follow this with a visit to one of the main producers of wine in the Nemea region for a tasting and tour of the facility.

  • Arcaeological Site of Nemea
  • Ancient Stadium of Nemea
  • Temple of Zeus in Nemea
  • Nemean Wine Tasting

Orthodox Argolida

Visit some of the most lovely monasteries of the Argolida. The Monastery of Karakala, (Agios Dimitrios), Agia Moni & Agios Theodosios

  • The Monastery of Karakala
  • Agia Moni
  • Agios Theodosios

Argolidan Mycenae

Founded, according to Homer's 9th-Century Iliad and Odyssey, by Perseus, son of Danae and Zeus. Mycenae has been inhabited, according to historians, since Neolithic times.

  • Archaeological Site of Ancient Mycenae

Argolidan Epidavros

Epidavros emerged in Ancient Greece as a sanctuary first to god Apollo and then to his son, Asklepios, god of medicine. Nowadays it is better known for its ancient theatre, one of the best-preserved archaeological marvels of Ancient Greece.

  • Arcaeological Site of Ancient Epidavros

Ancient Corinth

One of the greatest cities of Classical Greece with its two ports, one each on the Aegean and Ionian Seas.

Acrocorinth is the rocky outcrop that towers above ancient Corinth and used to serve as its acropolis.

  • Archaeological Site of Ancient Corinth

Ancient Corinth & Mycenae

Classic Tour of the world famous sites of Ancient Corinth and the Ancient Mycenae - both great places to visit from Nafplion, followed by a visual tour of the places of interest in Nafplion plus a visit to the famous Palamidi Castle towering above the city...

  • Archaeological Site of Corinth
  • Archaeological Site of Mycenae

Ancient Tiryns, Kefalari, Pyramid & Lerna

The UNESCO site of Ancient Tiryns was an important Mediterranean Bronze Age port although inhabited much earlier. Famous for its famous Cyclopean walls constructed of massive blocks, some weighing several tons, and as the palace from where Hercules was ordered to fulfill his 12 labours. Lerna is one of the largest pre-historic mounds in Southern Greece and a building called the "House of Tiles" shows evidence of clay sealings on terracotta tiles from the early Bronze Age. Ellinikon is home to one of the oldest pyramids in the world and visit the cave church of Kefalari, a beautiful setting, in the same area.

  • Ancient Tiryns
  • Lerna
  • Kefalari Cave Church
  • Pyramid of Ellinikon

Custom Excursions from Nafplion

Tell us what you are interested in and let us make a unique excursion for you depending on your requirements and the time that you have allowed.

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