Taxi Excursion to Epidavros

Ancient Theatre and Temple of Asklepios


Wonderful Ancient Theatre

Epidavros emerged in Ancient Greece as a sanctuary first to god Apollo and then to his son, Asklepios, god of medicine.

Nowadays it is better known for its ancient theatre, one of the best-preserved archaeological marvels of Ancient Greece, built 200 years ago and seating up to 16,000 spectators. The theatre is renowned for its acoustics and is still the site of performances of ancient drama during the annual Athens Festival, every July and August.

Visit the theatre, sanctuary of Asklepios and the museum where you will find a variety of surgical tools used during that era.

Surrounded by pine trees, flowers, herbs this truly a site worth visiting. You can also see a performance in the cool of the summer evenings while your taxi waits for you.

Approx. 40 mins journey time from Tolo.

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