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Ancient Nemea - Wine Roads


Archaeological Site, Museum & Stadium and visit to Winery

The small village of Archaia Nemea is immediately southwest of the archaeological site while the new town of Nemea lies to the west.

In the archaeological site lies the Temple of Nemean Zeus, three columns of which have always stood since the time of their original construction. It should be emphasized that Nemean Zeus is not the same as Olympian Zeus. The latter is the fulminating philandering king of the gods, the former is the god of shepherds and shepherding, a reflection of the condition of the valley as unsuitable for cultivation, but useful for grazing.

Ηere during Antiquity the Nemean Games were played, in three sequence, ending about 235 BCE, celebrated in the eleven Nemean odes of Pindar.

In Greek mythology, Nemea was ruled by king Lycurgus and queen Eurydice, Nemea was also famous in Greek myth as the home of the Nemean Lion, which was killed by the hero Heracles.

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