Excursion Destination

Monemvasia Fort


Byzantine town accessible by headland

Monemvasia located in the southeastern Peloponnese and was separated from the mainland by an earthquake not unsimilar to Poros. The name comes from two Greek words, mone and emvassi meaning ‘one, or single entrance/approach’. A causeway links the New Monemvasia to the ‘rock’ or ‘castle’ Monemvasia.

Known as Greece's answer to the Rock of Gibraltar. In the old down you be transported to a world of cobblestone streets, mansions, some having been converted into rooms or small hotels, Byzantine churches and homes with terraces. At the top of the hill you will find a plateau and the ruins of the fortified town of the Byzantine Fortress. Below, in the old town are the old stone mansions over 200 years old. Churches abound in Monemvasia, under one of them Our Lady Chrysafitissa, you will find the only spring in Monemvasia, which you are advised to drink from if you wish a son!.

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